Explosions at Jerusalem bus stations injure 10, Israeli emergency services say

More than 10 people were wounded in two explosions in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning. Israeli police and security officials say it was a terrorist attack.

Why it matters: Such bombing attacks are very unusual and haven’t taken place for several years. It has the characteristics of attacks that happened during the second Intifada two decades ago.

Driving the news: Israeli security officials say one explosive device was detonated in a bus station at the entrance of Jerusalem. Ten people were wounded, two of them in critical condition, according to Israeli emergency services.

  • Shortly after, a second explosive device was detonated near another bus station in northern Jerusalem. two people were lightly wounded according to emergency services.

The big picture: The explosions in Jerusalem happened as the security situation in the occupied West Bank has continuously deteriorated in recent months.

  • There has been a growing number of stabbing and shooting attacks by Palestinians against Israeli soldiers and civilians and a significant increase in the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli military raids into West Bank cities.
  • The escalation has taken place on the backdrop of the political crisis in Israel and the weakening of the Palestinian Authority that is not able to assert its control on several of the Palestinian cities.
  • The Biden administration is highly concerned that the Palestinian Authority is going to collapse and that the situation in the West Bank would turn into an all out Intifada.

State of play: The explosions followed a night of tensions in the northern West Bank. At least one Palestinian person was killed and several others wounded  in clashes with Israeli soldiers in the city of Nablus.

  • In the city of Jenin, Palestinian gunmen kidnapped the body of an Israeli-Druze man who died at a hospital in the city after being critically wounded in a car crash.
  • The Palestinian gunmen demanded that Israel return the bodies of Palestinians who were killed during attacks and the Israel is holding.
  • During the night the Palestinian Authorities security forces tried to retrive the body from the gunmen but failed in doing so, Palestinian and Israei sources say.

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