Shopping Gets More Social with Twitter Shops


It’s clear that Twitter is trying to move away from the bad reputation it’s had lately. For the past year, it’s been dipping one toe at a time into e-commerce, ramping it up even more with its announcement of Twitter Shops.

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Social Shopping

Social media as a whole just hasn’t been in a good place the past few years. Misinformation has abounded and tainted it. But now, all the social networks are clamoring to join e-commerce. Instagram and Facebook – both products of Meta – have always been involved, and now TikTok and Twitter are jumping into the space as well.

Twitter Shops InstagramInstagram Shops

Twitter seems to be like a teenager who is searching to find their true self: trying new styles, new friends, etc. In the past year, Twitter has launched creator tools, a Read more15141042.gif

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