2FA and Recycled Phone Numbers Are a Security Risk

2FA-Security-Risk-Featured.jpg Two-factor authorization is supposed to lead to increased security. That extra step is supposed to prevent spammers from breaking into your account. By just learning one access point, they are still required to take an extra step that they most likely do not know. However, researchers have learned that 2FA can lead to a security risk with recycled phone numbers. Related: Convenience vs. Security: Which One Do You Prefer? Recycled Phone Numbers Expose 2FA Accounts Whether it’s because they relocate or switch cell carriers, people change their phone numbers from time to time. But there isn’t… Read more14461048.gif

Source: https://tracking.feedpress.com/link/12555/14461048/2fa-phone-numbers-security-risk
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The Article Was Written/Published By: Laura Tucker