America’s oldest conservative magazine comes out in favor of Trump’s impeachment

In an opinion piece published by The National Review this Wednesday, The Editors of the nation’s oldest conservative magazine declared that there is “no doubt that Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense.”

The op-ed stressed that President Trump “urged a crowd to march on the U.S. Capitol and pressure his vice president and Congress to abuse their authority” to overturn a free and fair election that Joe Biden clearly won.

As the mob breached the Capitol, Trump failed to forthrightly tell the rioters to stop, The Editors write, and the violence that ensued was the culmination of Trump’s “ceaseless campaign of misinformation meant to delegitimize an American election.”

According to The Editors, Trump’s potential second impeachment would be different from the first one.

“Some Republicans in the House, most notably the No. 3 Republican, the impressive Liz Cheney, are supporting it. According to press reports, Mitch McConnell is pleased at the prospect of impeachment. If he were to come out in favor of conviction, it’d be a seismic event that would potentially bring a Senate conviction within reach.”

“People of good will can disagree about the best response to the last two months and especially last week, but about one thing there can be no question — it’s the recklessness and selfishness of one man that brought us to this place,” they write.

Read the full op-ed over at The National Review.

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