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Decolonized News Hour on TRNN

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November 24, 2020

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Baltimore, MD—The Real News Network (TRNN), an international nonprofit news project headquartered in Baltimore, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of “Decolonized News Hour,” a groundbreaking news and commentary show featuring the latest stories from Indian Country, in all its underappreciated diversity, and investigations of current issues from Native perspectives. Funding for the first season of “Decolonized News Hour” has been provided by The R&M Lang Foundation. 

“Decolonized News Hour” is created in collaboration with, and will be co-hosted by, Native journalists Jen Deerinwater (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), Johnnie Jae (Otoe-Missouria and Choctaw), and Desiree Kane (Miwok). The show will be produced by Taylor Hebden and is scheduled to premiere on TRNN’s platform in January 2021. New episodes of “Decolonized News Hour” will be published every other week and will consist of one hour of video content featuring reporting and commentary from Deerinwater, Jae, Kane, and their diverse array of guests. 

Johnnie Jae
Johnnie Jae

By blending news reporting, in-depth discussions, interviews, and more, “Decolonized News Hour” will bring viewers the issues, voices, and viewpoints that most people aren’t hearing. Because, as Deerinwater, Jae, and Kane have explored in their past work and will continue to explore on “Decolonized News Hour,” there are very clear (and very political) reasons said issues, voices, and viewpoints are either excluded from or grossly misrepresented by mainstream media.

For Jae:

As Indigenous peoples, every aspect of our existence is deemed political, which in turn means that every action we take is deemed resistance. Indigenous Journalism is without a doubt an act of resistance made necessary through the widespread misrepresentation and misinformation of Native peoples in mainstreamed media. I am excited and grateful for the platform that the Real News Network is giving us to take Indigenous Journalism to the next level with the “Decolonized News Hour,” a groundbreaking show that will bring new life to a long legacy of reclaiming our narratives and reshaping the conversations regarding the issues and realities of Indigenous peoples.

Jen Deerinwater
Jen Deerinwater

Inasmuch as “Decolonized News Hour” will showcase underreported stories and perspectives, it will also present a unique mix of critical journalistic and storytelling practices. For Deerinwater, “Storytelling is a traditional Indigenous value and my work as a journalist is part of this tradition. It’s a way to honor my ancestors who created the first Native newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix, which still runs to this day. As a disabled, bisexual, Two Spirit I offer a voice to my communities that is rarely heard in Native or non-Native media. I’m beyond thrilled to bring the ‘Decolonized News Hour’ to the world.”

Desiree Kane
Desiree Kane

Maximillian Alvarez, editor-in-chief of TRNN, is thrilled as well about this new show. For Alvarez, “The media has played a historically pivotal and monstrous role in the violent exclusion and misrepresentation of Native peoples in this country. More than ever, and for the sake of justice, humanity, social equality, and truth, we need to work together to invest in and lift up the amazing work of Indigenous journalists like Johnnie, Jen, and Desiree. I’m truly honored and excited to be hosting ‘Decolonized News Hour’ at TRNN—I think it’s going to be a game changer, and people should stay tuned!”

Episodes of “Decolonized News Hour” can be viewed here.

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