Rare Black Panther Shadows His Leopard Mate in Incredible Shot by Photographer Mithun H

“The Eternal Couple.” Image © Mithun H, shared with permission

Since 2014, wildlife filmmaker and photographer Mithun H has been pining for sightings of Saya, a black panther that’s been eluding his admirers in the Kabini Forest in India for years. After camping out in the area for six days, the photographer captured a stunning image of the mysterious animal shadowing his leopard partner, Cleopatra.

Mithun H notes that the couple have been together for four years and have an atypical relationship for the species. “Usually in the courting pairs generally it is the male who takes charge and moves around with the female following close behind. But with this couple, it was definitely Cleo who was in charge while the panther followed,” he wrote on Instagram.

This isn’t the photographer’s first experience with the rare cat, either. He previously worked with National Geographic Wild on The Real Black Panther, which follows Saya’s life. “It’s been a passion and a beautiful journey in the woods of Kabini,” the photographer says. (via PetaPixel)

Source: https://www.thisiscolossal.com/2020/07/mithun-h-black-panther/
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