US projects 200,000 new COVID-19 cases per day, 3,000 daily deaths by June

President Trump speaking in front of a podium at a daily briefing.

Enlarge / President Donald Trump speaks as Vice President Mike Pence looks on during a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic at the White House on March 26, 2020. (credit: Getty Images | Drew Angerer )

The United States is expected to see about 200,000 new COVID-19 cases per day by June 1, with daily deaths hitting 3,000, a leaked Trump administration document shows.

“As President Trump presses for states to reopen their economies, his administration is privately projecting a steady rise in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths over the next several weeks. The daily death toll will reach about 3,000 on June 1, according to an internal document obtained by The New York Times, nearly double the current number of about 1,750,” the Times reported today. “The projections, based on government modeling pulled together in chart form by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, forecast about 200,000 new cases each day by the end of the month, up from about 25,000 cases a day currently.”

The Times published the document, which is titled “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Situation Update.” These charts show the projections of new daily cases and deaths as well as how confirmed cases and deaths have risen since the pandemic began:

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