‘That’s a Ponzi scheme’: RT’s Keiser Report looks into US deflationary spiral caused by nonstop ‘printing of debt’

Bond investors have started to debate whether the United States is heading into a deflationary spiral, even after trillions of dollars of stimulus has been injected into the coronavirus-hit global economy.

The Keiser Report has been warning of such risks for a long time, pointing out that “all money is debt and the money that’s printed increases the debt.”

In 2020, something like $8 trillion of new debt money has been printed and “now we’re getting a more accelerated debt deflation, which is caused by the printing of debt,” Max Keiser says.

According to him, “When you have debt money and you flood the economy with that debt money, you still have to pay interest on that debt money, which requires you to create more debt money.”

That’s why there’s a dollar shortage, Max explains, adding: “That’s a Ponzi scheme.”

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