It’s time to watch the shows you’ve been putting off forever

It's time to watch the shows you've been putting off forever

If you’re any type of TV fan, you’ve probably had some version of this conversation.

Person A: WHAT?! You haven’t seen [insert name of show here]?? But it’s a classic!
Person B: I know, I know! I’ve been meaning to get to it.

Whether you’re Person A, Person B, or the dialogue-free third party merely witnessing this exchange and hoping they won’t be called out for their own TV shortcomings, you’ve probably missed the boat on some big name TV shows — and now is the time to catch up.

The worldwide spread of coronavirus has resulted in a period of social distancing that leaves many of us looking for ways to fill time while staying home. Mashable has a wonderful master list of streaming guides to get you started, but this one poses a specific challenge: Watch the show you always said you would. Read more…

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