This beer is made from surplus ‘wonky’ crumpets

This beer is made from surplus 'wonky' crumpets

Britain is a crumpet-loving nation. So much so that one bakery brand has found a way to make beer out of waste crumpets. 

Bakery brand Warburtons has created an IPA brewed with leftover ‘wonky’ crumpets — waste food that hasn’t quite made the cut. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with the incomparable delight that is the humble crumpet, allow me to wax lyrical for one moment. First of all, a crumpet is NOT the same as an English muffin. Nor is it a pancake. A crumpet is a type of griddle cake made with yeast. Its crowning glory is its distinctive cratered appearance — its surface it dotted with scores of holes.  Read more…

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