Alternative milks, ranked by how good they taste in a latte

Alternative milks, ranked by how good they taste in a latte

Like millions of us, I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the creamy deliciousness that is cow’s milk. (Whole milk, please, none of your pointless low-fat nonsense.) It’s Saturday cartoons with cereal. It’s the perfect partner in crime for sinfully sweet late-night snacks. And, when frothed and combined with two or more shots of espresso, it is pure work fuel. So much so that I measure my mornings by the size of the latte I order or make at home. 

But the downside of milk is getting harder to ignore, even for those of us who tolerate lactose like crazy. Dairy and meat industry cattle use 83 percent of the world’s farmland; they are the main reason forests are being cut down. The less we use their products, the more that land goes wild again, sucking in billions of tons of carbon. Reform agriculture enough, and climate change is pretty much solved. I’m excited about the rise of fake meat for exactly that reason.  Read more…

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