Rejoice! Rejoice! The news stories from 2019 that gladdened our hearts


The climate crisis, Trump, the death of Grumpy Cat – 2019 had some grim news. But amid the darkness were stories to treasure

Will we remember the news of 2019 fondly? I mean, no. It was grim and relentless – marred by, among other things, the bloviating of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, the accelerating climate emergency, and by the deaths of Boo the dog, Grumpy Cat and Lil’ Bub. Just when we thought we were getting to the end of this godforsaken decade, a million penises were retched forth by the sea.

Yet even in the darkness there is likable content – stories that did our hearts good. Here goes:

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The Article Was Written/Published By: Adrienne Matei

Author: Droolin' Dog News Team