Escaped Alligator Caught Crossing Street in Montreal


Residents were shocked when they spotted an alligator walking around Montreal on Sunday. (Photo Credit: Mayssam Samaha / Twitter)

An alligator was spotted roaming around Montreal and residents have no idea how the reptile showed up north of the border.

The small alligator was filmed on video by Mayssam Samaha, who was enjoying coffee with a friend at a local cafe, WSB-TV reported. Samaha couldn’t believe what she was seeing, as the tiny creature slowly strutted across a busy street on Sunday.

Just an alligator crossing Jarry, no big deal 🐊 #montreal #shook #mtlmoments

— mayssam samaha (@mayssamaha) December 15, 2019

“The alligator seemed very calm. He crossed the street and went under a car,” Samaha told CTV News. “I guess he was looking for some warmth… I wasn’t scared. I was more worried for the animal.”

Samaha went outside to help the alligator, which seemed unfazed as it tried to find shelter from the cold. Police were called to the scene, however, the creature’s owner reportedly retrieved it before they arrived.

⚠️ L’alligator qui traversait la rue Jarry dans Villeray a été retourné à ses propriétaires (il a tous ses permis et fait partie d’un projet éducatif) Merci aux citoyen.nes qui nous ont signalé la situation et aux du @SPVM qui ont réagi rapidement. #polmtl

— Valérie Plante (@Val_Plante) December 15, 2019

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante also spoke about the weird encounter on Twitter and said the owner had the proper license for the animal.

“The alligator that crossed Jarry street in Villeray has been returned to its owners (it has all its licenses and is part of an educational project),” Plante wrote in a tweet. “Thank you to the citizens who reported the situation to us and to of @SPVM who reacted quickly.” 

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