8 Christmas Gifts for Your Wonderful Dog

A super cute Jack Russell Terrier eagerly waits for permission to open his Christmas presents.dezy/Shutterstock

Aren’t you forgetting someone special on your Christmas list? Your dog’s been a sweet little bean all year long, and it deserves something special under the Christmas tree. Here are eight unbeatable gifts for your wonderful dog.

A Stocking Full of Toys: PETUOL 5-Piece Stocking Set

The PETUOL 5-Piece Stocking SetPETUOL

If your family likes to hang stockings by the fireplace, then the PETOUL 5-piece stocking set is a great way to involve your dog in the holiday spirit. This set comes with three chew toys, a tennis ball, and a rope toy, and it can hang adjacent to all the human stockings you’ve hung up this year.

A Stocking Full of Toys

PETUOL Christmas Dog Toys Stocking Set, 5 Pieces Assorted Chew Toys Funny Santa Claus Shaped Squeaky Toy for Dog Cotton Rope Ball Toys Training Interaction.

The PETOUL 5-piece stocking set is a solid, affordable doggy Christmas gift. It’s a stocking that’s pre-filled with three chew toys, a ball, and a rope toy.

A Box of Christmas Cookies: Claudia’s Gourmet Dog Cookies

Claudia's Gourmet Dog CookiesClaudia’s

I could eat a box of Claudia’s Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies right now. But I won’t, because I have more self-control than I used to. These gourmet dog cookies are made in America, presumably by a talented baker named Claudia. They look delicious, they smell great, and your dog will eat them like they’re human cookies.

A Box of Christmas Cookies

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine – Santa Paws Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies

Dogs can’t resist a box of Claudia’s gourmet dog cookies. They look and smell like human cookies, they’re made in America, and they make for a great doggy Christmas gift.

The Gift of Genetic Insight: Embark Dog DNA Test

The Embark Dog DNA TestEmbark

Shopping for a dog who has everything? The Embark dog DNA test is an exciting gift that reveals your dog’s breed, along with ancestry information and potential genetic health indicators. It’s our favorite dog DNA test, and it’s a great educational tool for the family.

The Gift of Genetic Insight

Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed & Health Kit | Breed Identification & Canine Genetic Health Screening

The Embark dog DNA test offers insight into your dog’s breed and potential genetic health indicators. It’s a great educational tool for the family, and your dog will be excited to know exactly who their parents were.

A Durable Dog Toy: Nylabone Dura Chew

The Nylabone Dura ChewNylabone

Do you have a destructive dog? The Nylabone Dura Chew is one of our favorite durable dog toys, and it’s the perfect gift for a dog that can really chew. Since it’s shaped like a ring, your dog can hold it down with a paw and gnaw on it all day. Plus, it’s cheap, so you can always buy a new one next Christmas.

A Durable Dog Toy

Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Textured Ring, Large Durable Dog Chew Toy, Great for Aggressive Chewers

The Nylabone Dura Chew is the perfect gift for destructive dogs. It’s strong enough to take a beating, and it’s built to give your dog the chewing satisfaction that it needs.

For Dogs With Bad Breath: Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick

The Wisedom Dog Toothbrush StickWisedom

Your dog is a sweetheart, but its breath is unbearable. So why not give them the gift of dental hygiene? The Wisedom toothbrush stick is a great alternative to typical dog toothbrushes. Just put some tasty dog toothpaste in the toothbrush stick, and your dog will handle the rest!

For Dogs With Bad Breath

Wisedom Dog Toothbrush Stick-Puppy Dental Care Brushing Stick Effective Doggy Teeth Cleaning Massager Natural Rubber Bite Resistant Chew Toys for Dogs Pets Orange

The Wisedom toothbrush stick makes for a wonderful doggy Christmas gift. It’s essentially a chew toy with tooth-cleaning nylon bristles. Add some doggy toothpaste to the Wisedom stick, and your dog will take care of the rest!

A Handsome Collar: Freezx Bow Tie Christmas Collar

The Freezx Bow Tie Christmas CollarFreezx

Who’s that handsome pup? Maybe it’s time to start dressing your dog up for the holidays. You don’t have to get them an uncomfortable Christmas sweater or anything; just get them a Freezx Christmas collar. It’s a comfortable accessory that’s shaped like a bow tie, so your dog will look sharp and sophisticated for the holidays.

Who’s a Handsome Pup?

Freezx Christmas Dog Collar with Bow Tie – Adjustable 100% Cotton Nylon Design Handmade – Cute Fashion for Large Medium Small Dogs

The Freezx Christmas bow tie will turn your dog into a sophisticated holiday pup. Since it’s just a bow tie on a typical dog collar, it’s more comfortable than other doggy accessories.

The Gift of Comfort: Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Furhaven Orthopedic Pet BedFurHaven

Is it time for a new dog bed? The Furhaven orthopedic dog bed is made with orthopedic foam and plush faux fur to keep your dog comfortable and well-supported. It’s easy to clean, it’s fairly affordable, and it comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles (including a premium memory foam option).

The Gift of Comfort

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed | Deluxe Orthopedic Two-Tone Plush Faux Fur & Suede L Shaped Chaise Lounge Living Room Corner Couch Pet Bed w/ Removable Cover for Dogs & Cats, Stone Gray, Large

Give your dog the gift of a good night’s sleep. The Furhaven orthopedic dog bed is made with supportive orthopedic foam, and it comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

A Comfortable Dining Experience: OurPets Elevated Dog Bowls

The OurPets Elevated Dog BowlsOurPets

Do you slouch down and eat all of your food off of the floor? Well, neither should your dog. An elevated food and water bowl makes it easier for your dog to reach its food without straining its neck, back, and joints. We like the OurPets elevated dog bowl because it’s affordable, easy to clean, and is adjustable for any sized dog. It’s a great doggy Christmas present that could last a lifetime.

A Comfortable Dining Experience

OurPets Comfort Diner Elevated Dog Food Dish (Raised Dog Bowls Available in 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches for Large Dogs, Medium Dogs and Small Dogs)

Elevated dog bowls take the strain off of your dog’s neck, back, and joints. We like the OurPets elevated dog bowl, as its affordable and adjustable for any sized dog.

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