Man finds tiny frogs hiding in wind chimes from Hurricane Dorian

Man finds tiny frogs hiding in wind chimes from Hurricane DorianAs Hurricane Dorian looms ever closer to making landfall in Florida, everyone is strapping down or scrambling to get out of dodge — including the local fauna. So where does a small creature go to escape Mother Nature’s wrath? Some oceanic birds like seagulls keep circling in the eye of the storm, and some animals like owls and snakes will just dig even deeper underground to escape the storm. But some will find a more aesthetically pleasing place to hide out. Like, for example, wind chimes. Floridian Twitter user Mac was putting away his chimes in anticipation of the hurricane when he discovered that the chimes had become prime free frog real estate. All in all, six little frogs were just chilling and waiting out the storm from the comfort of the wind chimes. Twitter agreed that this guy had to be Brother Nature, because he was certainly blessed.>> > — Mika (@MikaMemelord) September 3, 2019> silly frogs> > — Yinsecure (@naotawolf) September 3, 2019SEE ALSO: ‘Stadium effect’ in eye of Hurricane Dorian shows just how strong the storm is> Protect them, for they will be your friends in the coming storm.> > — RyuKaiser29 (@RyuKaiser29) September 3, 2019> if you have an ocarina, maybe you can get a heart container> > — Stairway unicorn (@StairwayUnicorn) September 3, 2019> Hop friend containment unit> > — ⚡ Minecraft Bee is Nonbeenary (trans) ⚡ (@ZappBeast) September 3, 2019> So, now instead of windchimes, you have a windcroaks. :P> > — Murphy Slaugh: The Pun Doctor️‍ (@MurphySlaugh) September 3, 2019>> > — Pooltoy Wolf (Mac) ️‍ (@PooltoyWolf) September 3, 2019> Went to put the windchimes away, but they were already toadlled.> > — Pawkin Spice Latte (@TwitchDaWoof) September 3, 2019> Windchime Hidden Ninja Froggies > Windchime Hidden Ninja Froggies > Windchime Hidden Ninja Froggies > Hiding in a long pipe > Froggy power!> > — Jeff Eppenbach (@jeffeppenbach) September 3, 2019> *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime* > *Hands you a frog chime*> > — aka-cry (@aka_cry) September 3, 2019> From HurricaneDorain we will witness more tragedy than we can imagine in the coming days. But we will also witness triumphs and resilience on big and small scales. Here is a small and unexpected story of survival.> > — Sean Libin (@seanlibin) September 3, 2019> Ohmygosh, so cute!!!! In my head they are all brothers and had just set out on a journey for the first time away from their home, one which will lead to -adulthood- when they sensed a storm coming and had to look for shelter.> > — Ginger (@CaliforniGinger) September 3, 2019> So glad! Froggys don’t like to be drowned either! Hope you stay safe as well.> > — Kat, The Opinionated One! (@katseyes45) September 3, 2019As it turns out, this is normal behavior for our new amphibian friends — according to Mac, they were seeking cover, but also generally like to sleep in the chimes during the day for protection from sun, wind and excess water. > Here are some still pics of the froggies HurricaneDorian> > — Pooltoy Wolf (Mac) ️‍ (@PooltoyWolf) September 3, 2019> Also for those asking, all the froggies are safe and accounted for! They found spots to hide deep inside the leafy palm fronds behind our backyard pond!> > — Pooltoy Wolf (Mac) ️‍ (@PooltoyWolf) September 3, 2019So batten down the hatches (and chimes) and stay safe out there, friends (frogs and humans alike.)  WATCH: Transform your tub into an emergency water storage

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