How to check if your boss is monitoring your every keystroke


What happens on your keyboard does not stay on your keyboard. 

Using an employer-issued computer comes with its own specific set of privacy risks. The struggle to avoid even accidentally clicking on NSFW material as we go about our busy office lives is, for many, all too familiar. And yet, the true threat often lurks undetected behind the scenes: keyloggers recording your every keystroke and sending them away for upper management review.

If you’re not very familiar with keyloggers, don’t fret, many people aren’t. That’s kind of the point. A keylogger is a generic term for piece of software that runs in the background of a computer and literally records every single key you press, often along with every mouse click you make. In the aggregate, they can record everything from the content of the emails you write, to your passwords, to any personal chats you have in a corporate Slack or private social media account accessed from your work desk.  Read more…

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