How to Set Up a Child’s Smart Bedroom

A smart plug, IR sensor, and Echo in the midst of Lego blocks and other toys.Josh Hendrickson

You may have set up your own smart bedroom, but what about your children? Kids have different needs, so you’ll want to take a different approach. With the right devices, you can give them a smart bedroom that benefits everybody.

Why a Child’s Smart Bedroom?

If you already have a smarthome, your children may already love the voice controls and convenience it affords them. As they grow and want more and more independence, it may be time to trust them with that same control in their bedroom.

And convenient access to smarthome controls doesn’t just benefit them; it can help you enforce schedules and keep in contact when you’re traveling.

Consider an Echo Dot Kid’s Edition for Voice Controls

An Echo Kid's Edition in a child's bedroom, with the question Amazon

All voice assistants come with privacy implications, so when considering adding one to your child’s bedroom, you want to keep that in mind. To that extent, an Echo Dot Kid’s Edition is tailor-made for children.

With this Echo Dot, you get many of the same capabilities as the standard Echo but with more granular controls. You can prevent explicit songs from playing, set daily time limits and schedules (no Echo use after 8 P.M.) and monitor your children’s activity.

One area concern is Amazon’s practice of having humans review what you and your children say to Alexa. But, you can tell Amazon to stop, and we recommend you do that for at least your children (if not yourself too).

If you already have a spare Echo, you can convert it to a Kid’s Edition instead of buying a new device.

Voice Controlled Smart Lights Solve Out of Reach Problems

Four Wyze bulbs in a rowWyze

Does your child still have to hop for the light switch? They may be able to say “turn off the lights” well enough for an Echo Kid’s Edition to understand. Smart light bulbs and smart light switches make all the difference here, as they can be voice-controlled.

Even when you children can reach the switch, they’ll appreciate the convenience of voice controls when they’re already in bed, getting ready to sleep. And you can set a “lights out” schedule both for nighttime, and when they’re at school. That’s something you’ll appreciate if your children tend to leave the lights on.

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