New York Extends Gun Background Checks, Bans Bump Stocks

New York Extends Gun Background Checks, Bans Bump StocksNew York gun buyers may wait up to 30 days for background checks under a new law signed Monday by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.Cuomo signed legislation to extend the background check waiting period from three days to as much as 30 for gun buyers who are not immediately approved, as well as a ban on bump stocks, the governor’s office announced.“By signing these measures into law we are strengthening our nation-leading gun laws — banning devices whose sole purpose is to create the most bloodshed in the shortest timeframe and providing law enforcement the tools they need to stop firearms from falling into dangerous hands.” Cuomo said in a statement.The legislation passed both houses in January, according to the New York Post.New York gun dealers are required to perform National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks on potential gun buyers, resulting in notifications to “proceed,” “denied,” or “delayed.”The review typically took three days before the dealer could move forward or refuse the sale, a judgment they could make even if the background check came back “delayed.”

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