Best Movies to Stream for Shark Week 2019


Binge-watch ‘The Shallows,’ ‘Jaws,’ and more shark-themed movies during Shark Week 2019. (Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures)

Dundunn…dundunn…Shark Week 2019 is coming to haunt your summer dreams.

From July 28 to August 4, Discovery Channel and other organizations worldwide are celebrating one of the ocean’s most powerful predators with special TV programs and events.

To get your fright-fest started, we’ve rounded up the best shark-themed movies you can watch all week long. From The Meg to Jaws, these films will “take a bite” out of deciding what to binge-watch during Shark Week 2019.

Open Water

A couple vacationing in the Caribbean has a nightmarish scuba diving experience in the movie Open Water. When their boat tour group accidentally leaves them behind, the pair must try to survive in the ocean with a bunch of hungry sharks.

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The Shallows

Blake Lively battling a megalodon-like shark might make your day in The Shallows, a film where a surfer gets attacked by one of the massive predators during her isolated beach trip.

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The Meg

The ruler of all sharks is here to make beachgoers its “catch of the day” in The Meg: Expert diver (Jason Statham) has to beat the clock and rescue the crew of a deep-sea submersible before the enormous beast kills them all.

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Imagine this for a natural disaster: A freak twister rounds up the world’s deadliest sharks from the sea and they are chilling in the air, on the ground, and in bodies of water. Sharknado is a hilarious showdown against a shark-infested tornado that involves chainsaws, guns, and other forms of combat.

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When a peaceful New England town is terrorized by a mega-shark, it’s up to a police chief, an ichthyologist, and a ship captain to stop the creature from hunting humans in Jaws. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie will give you the creeps on your next beach getaway.

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47 Meters Down

Deep-sea diving is a fun adventure, except when your cage happens to break off a boat and plummet to a seabed full of sharks. 47 Meters Down, which stars Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, follows two sisters who decide to go on a thrilling ocean excursion and get stuck underwater with these bone-chilling animals.

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Shark Tale

If gory megalodon movies are too much for you, Shark Tale makes a great PG binge-watch for Shark Week: The animated tale follows a young fish’s false reputation as a “shark slayer” and how he must prove himself innocent after a “shark mob” boss (voiced by Robert De Niro) thinks he killed his son. Will Smith and Renée Zellweger also are part of the cast of this adorable movie.

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Piranha 3D

It’s not exactly a shark movie, but Piranha 3D still features prehistoric man-eating fish that will freak you out. A group of spring breakers must survive these bloody creatures when their lake retreat becomes their hunting grounds.

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