iOS 13 will remind you to cancel your subscription when you delete an app

  • Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi unveiling iOS 13’s dark mode at WWDC earlier this month.
    Ron Amadeo

Sure, some users will appreciate iOS 13’s dark mode, but features that relate to privacy, quality of life, and user advocacy are likely to be the ones that make the biggest difference for people when Apple’s new iPhone, iPad, and iPod software arrives later this year.

To that point, uninstalling an app to which you have a paid subscription in iOS 13’s latest beta release will lead to a prompt to potentially unsubscribe from that app. This might be a good idea because odds are decent that if you’re deleting the app, you’re not planning to use the related service anymore.

Of course, that won’t always be the case: you could just be removing the app temporarily, you could still plan to use it on another device, or you could even just wish to keep supporting the developer who made it. The prompt just says “Manage Subscription,” which is what copywriters might call a soft call-to-action—it’s not telling you to unsubscribe, it’s just making it an option.

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