What’s Going to Happen to Your Huawei or Honor Phone?

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The US government has effectively banned Google and other companies from doing business with Huawei. Google can’t work with Huawei on future products—but you might be wondering what happens to any existing Huawei or Honor phones you might own.

Here’s the good news: Your existing phone will consider receiving services from Google. The Google Play Store and all other Google services, including Google Play Protect security, will continue functioning normally. Google’s official Android account confirmed this on Twitter. Your phone will keep working normally without any changes.

For Huawei users’ questions regarding our steps to comply w/ the recent US government actions: We assure you while we are complying with all US gov’t requirements, services like Google Play & security from Google Play Protect will keep functioning on your existing Huawei device.

— Android (@Android) May 20, 2019

This only applies to your current device. Huawei can’t include Google services on any new devices, so you shouldn’t go out of your way to get a new Huawei phone if you want Google services.

Huawei Mobile UK says it “will continue to provide security updates and after sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products covering those which have been sold or are still in stock globally.” Your phone will continue getting security updates as usual, and it will be eligible for warranty services.

A message to our UK fans regarding the announcement by Google. Further updates to follow. pic.twitter.com/Thxwm8BtNJ

— Huawei Mobile UK (@HuaweiMobileUK) May 20, 2019

There’s one catch: It’s unclear if these existing phones will get Android operating system feature updates. Huawei didn’t promise feature updates, and Google likely won’t be sharing its code with Huawei to make that easy. Don’t count on any existing Huawei or Honor phones getting Android Q.

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