Opera GX: What Is a “Gaming Browser,” Anyway?

Opera GX browser interface showing RAM Limiter and GX Corner

Opera just released “Opera GX” and advertises it as the world’s first gaming browser. Beyond the gaming-inspired theme and Razer Chroma integration, there’s a very interesting CPU and RAM limiter feature. But will it speed up your PC gaming?

What Is Opera GX?

Opera GX is a desktop web browser for Windows PCs. Despite the name, it’s a browser meant for use within games, as Steam’s built-in browser works in the Steam overlay. It’s not available for game consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, either.

Like the standard version of Opera, Opera GX is based on Chromium, the open-source project that forms the basis for the Google Chrome web browser and the upcoming Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. Websites should look the same as in Chrome, and you can install Chrome extensions in this browser, too.

This gaming browser is free and was released in “Early Access” on June 11, 2019—during E3.

What Is a Gaming Browser?

Don’t expect Opera GX to improve your gaming performance dramatically. This browser mostly includes features built for “gamers”: A gaming-inspired theme with Razer Chroma integration, built-in gaming news and deals, a Twitch panel, and sound effects by a game soundtrack designer.

The only feature that could boost your performance is “GX Control”: Built-in RAM and CPU limiters that can restrict how much memory and CPU time your web browser will use.

A Gaming Theme (With Razer Chroma Integration)

Opera GX color and Razer Chroma options

The first thing you’ll notice is the theme: Opera GX takes “gaming browser” to heart, going for a dark theme and bright colors typical of gaming peripherals and PCs. With a quick click on the “Easy Setup” icon at the top right corner of the browser, you can select one of a few pre-selected colors—or any color you like—for the browser’s highlights. Customizable wallpapers are available, too.

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