The 9 best presidential candidate Instagram accounts


With a new election comes new scrutiny of a pivotal campaign tool: the candidate’s Insta feed.

Sure, Instagram may not make or break your candidacy, but quality social content can definitely help build support. It’s a hard line to walk. You’ve got to be informative, engaging, and genuine, even though everyone knows you’re there to sell yourself to voters. And not everyone pulls it off to great effect.

There are so many candidates running — over two dozen at last count — and elected officials have campaign accounts separate from their in-office accounts. Some are pretty blah, whether they just don’t post much (John Delaney), are filled with boring screenshots of tweets (Tulsi Gabbard), or just belong to Bill de Blasio. But we’ve cut through the mess to bring you the top 2020 candidate Instagram accounts, ranked. Read more…

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The Article Was Written/Published By: Marcus Gilmer

Author: Droolin' Dog News Team