Should You Clear the System Cache on Your Android Phone?

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Some Android phones store temporary files used for things like OS updates in a cache partition. You may have seen recommendations across the web suggesting that you clear this partition from time to time—but is that a good idea?

What Is the System Cache and What Data Is Stored There?

Some time ago, in the days before Nougat, Android used a system cache to store system update files. Android has since moved away from that, preferring a different method for installing updates.

Many modern phones don’t even have a system cache now. If yours has a system cache, it will be on a separate partition from your primary phone storage. Files stored there don’t take up any user-accessible space—clearing your system cache won’t allow you to download any new apps, store files, or save more cat photos.

The system cache is also different from cached app data, which is data stored by apps and specific to that particular app. For example, Spotify stores streamed music in its cache file for faster (and offline) playback. Every app has its own cache file which is separate from the system cache file and does take up user-accessible space. Clearing that cache is a great way to free up space—just keep in mind that the app will rebuild the cache as you use it, so clearing it isn’t a permanent fix if you need more space.

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Should You Wipe the System Cache?

Wiping the system cache shouldn’t cause any trouble, but it’s also not likely to help much either. The files that are stored there allow your device to access commonly referenced information without having to rebuild it constantly. If you wipe the cache, the system will rebuild those files the next time your phone needs them (just like with app cache).

While we don’t recommend clearing the system cache—especially regularly or for no reason—there are occasions where it can help. For example, sometimes, these files can become corrupted and cause issues. If you are experiencing trouble on your phone and you’re out of options, you’re welcome to give this a try.

How to Wipe Your Phone’s System Cache

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