‘Rage 2’ is a thrilling Mad Max-style shooter that doesn’t overstay its welcome


Rage 2 gets many things right, but its biggest success is the way it leaves you wanting more.

There’s a breezy 10-or-15-hour story at the center of Avalanche Studios apocalyptic wasteland romp. Something to do with protecting what’s left of the broken, mutant-overrun world from a high-tech militarized force known as the Authority.

Your agent in all the carnage is Walker, a scrappy wastelander who is thrust without warning into the role of Authority-defying super-soldier. You don the suit of a fallen Ranger in the opening minutes of the game and are immediately imbued with powers above and beyond that of a normal human, starting with the ability to open certain doors and chests just by thinking in their direction. Read more…

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