How to Make a Color-Coded Legend in PowerPoint

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Charts and graphs serve little purpose if the audience doesn’t know what each section of the illustration represents. Adding a color-coded legend is the perfect way to keep the audience on track.

Inserting a Graph in PowerPoint

The first step is to create your graphic illustrating the data trends you’d like to show. Luckily, PowerPoint comes with several different graphs and charts from which to choose. The most difficult part of this process is choosing the graphic that you like best.

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First, head over to the slide in which we will insert the graph. Next, switch to the “Insert” tab and then click “Chart.”

Insert Chart

The “Insert Chart” window will appear. You can select your desired chart type in the left-hand pane. We’ll choose “Pie” in this example. Once you’ve chosen your chart, click “OK.”

select chart style

Your chart will now appear in the PowerPoint slide, along with a small spreadsheet. Type whatever data you want into the spreadsheet and then close the spreadsheet window.

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