This is not my America


This is not my America

In my America, all people are treated with respect, from wherever they arrive. We welcome new ideas and new idea thinkers from new places and perspectives, and we do not shut our doors in the faces of those who come here seeking help, looking only to find a better life. If they make it to our door and knock, we invite them in.
In my America, everyone has a voice and the freedom to decide how their own lives should be lived. Your religion is up to you, and you are free to practice any religion you wish, or no religion at all. Our laws should ensure we treat each other with respect, and that we respect our planet and the rights of our great grandchildren. Our laws should compel us to accept the responsibility for our own actions, but not infringe upon our rights to make our own well educated decisions.
America is not a place to be guarded, but an ideal to be shared. If we expend our efforts and money on improving people’s lives here and abroad, we shouldn’t need to spend so much on border walls to keep ‘them’ out, and weapons of war for forcing ‘them’ to do what we want them to do…at gunpoint.
THIS America is heading in the wrong directions. It didn’t start with Trump, but it’s never been more obvious. Will we figure it out in time, or will it be too late to save us from our own destruction…from the destruction of the REAL America? Because THIS America is not real, and this is not MY America. ~jg


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The Article Was Written/Published By: Jamie Gray

Author: Droolin' Dog News Team