The Best Wireless Controllers for PC Gaming

Let’s be honest, a keyboard and mouse configuration can be uncomfortable and unintuitive. If you want to kick back, relax, and fall right into an immersive new game, you’ll need a wireless controller.

Thing is, wireless PC controllers come in a lot of shapes and sizes. It isn’t always clear when a controller will work with your PC, and some controllers are supported by more games than others.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to round up the best wireless PC controllers that money can buy. All of these controllers support Bluetooth connections, and they all work with popular clients like Steam and Unity.

If your computer doesn’t have any built-in Bluetooth hardware, you’ll need a Bluetooth USB dongle to use these wireless controllers. Yes, some controller manufacturers sell dedicated USB dongles, but they’re usually more expensive and less versatile than an all-purpose Bluetooth dongle.

The Steam Controller ($90)

If you’re a hard-line keyboard evangelist with a shameful lust for comfortable controllers, then you should check out the official Steam controller. This weird looking device is essentially a marriage between intuitive controller design and keyboard-mouse precision. You can use this controller to play games, type messages, or browse the web with amazing speed and accuracy. You can even use it to play play typing games, without the keyboard-induced carpal tunnel.

The Steam controller is a masterpiece of engineering, but it can also be a pain in the butt. There’s a steep learning curve to this controller, so it’s best suited for gamers that really need the customization and precision of a keyboard on a comfortable gamepad. If you just want to connect an intuitive controller and start playing a game, then you should try a more familiar piece of hardware.

The Xbox One Controller ($44)

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