Microsoft’s Edge Browser Keeps Getting More Interesting

Chromium version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 desktopMicrosoft

Microsoft’s Edge browser is getting better privacy controls, an Internet Explorer Mode, collections for organizing web research, and even a Mac version. Microsoft announced these features at Build 2019, where it also announced a new Windows Terminal.

These features are coming to the new version of Edge based on Chromium, which forms the basis of Google Chrome. Microsoft released beta builds of Edge with a Chromium engine just under a month ago. Despite being a beta, it’s a pretty solid browser. Microsoft does benefit from underlying work that comes with Chromium, but the company is working hard to leave its mark on the browser. That fact is evident with new upcoming features announced today: collections, a better privacy dashboard, built-in Internet Explorer for Enterprise users, and a Mac version of the browser.

Collections Are Like OneNote for Your Browser

New Collections feature in Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft

Collections help with web research. You can quickly grab pictures and text from multiple tabs and pull all the information together in one place. Once you’ve gathered the data, you can view it in Edge, export it to Word or Excel, send the collection as an email, or copy its contents to the clipboard so you can use it in any other application.

The Privacy Dashboard Provides Easy Controls

Privacy dashboard options, with Balanced selectedMicrosoft

Every site is tracking your browsing habits, and many companies continue to monitor you even after you leave that company’s website. It’s hard to tell when that’s happening, and if you don’t like all that tracking, you have to delve through plenty of settings to prevent as much of it as you can.

Edge’s upcoming Privacy Dashboard aims to solve just that problem. With it, you’ll choose from three levels of tracker blocking: strict, balanced, and unrestricted. All three levels block malicious tracking, but the different options may block or allow trackers and ads from websites you have and haven’t visited. On Balanced mode, for example, Edge will block trackers from sites you haven’t visited but will allow show ads from sites you’ve visited.

OMG The new @MSEdgeDev Privacy Tracker is incredible.

I’m blown away at how we can deliver these features to customers to control their data, built in, Zero Excuses.

Not to mention, IE Mode out of the Box.

— Sean (廖肖恩) in ?? (@TheLarkInn) May 6, 2019

Enterprise Users Get Built-In Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer mode inside Microsoft Edge.Microsoft

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