How to Use Google Play Movies for Chrome and Chrome OS

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Google Play Movies & TV is a streaming service that lets you watch videos via a web client or through an app from the Play Store. Whether you want to rent or own, Play Movies lets you choose new or old titles from Google’s vast library.

How to Use Play Movies for Chrome

You can access Play Movies from Chrome visiting the Google Play Movies website. The online store lets you search and browse, view trailers for titles, purchase/rent, and watch movies and TV shows all in one place.

If ever you’ve visited the Google Play Store to download apps, music, books, or whatever, the functionality is pretty much the same across all platforms which gives you a sense of familiarity when browsing for something to watch.

A familiar splash page on the Google Play Movies store

The top of the page has a search bar to comb through the entire catalog of titles or use one of the buttons in the bar just below it to filter by genre, top charts, or new releases.

Search using the serach bar or filter results using the buttons underneath it

Further filtering options on the sidebar let you sort by TV shows, family programming, production studios, and the channel on which a show was originally broadcast.

Further filtering options on the sidebar let you sort by TV, family, production studios, and the channel a show is broadcast

Then, as you start to scroll down, lists of titles are categorized in a style we’ve come to recognize from many other streaming services: new releases, followed by most popular movies, then a varied selection of genres.

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