Guys find way to hack McDonald’s self-service machine to get a free burger


Not a day goes by on the internet without someone trying to come up with a new way to outsmart a computer. The Australian friends in the video above found a way to trick the McDonald’s self-service machine into giving them 11 free burgers (well, one free burger and 10 pattyless burgers, at least). Don’t try this one at home, folks. 

The guys talked through what they were doing as they filmed the self-service screen. Here’s how they did it…

First, they selected the dollar hamburger option on the menu and requested 10 of them. 

“We’ll have ten of these and we’ll customise them so we don’t want a regular beef patty so that takes $1.10 off our order, off our dollar hamburger,” said a voice behind the camera.  Read more…

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Author: Droolin' Dog News Team