How to Zip or Unzip Files on a Chromebook

Zipped file in Files app

Want to send off a bunch of files in an email, or maybe you received a compressed ZIP file as an attachment on your Chromebook? Whether you want to zip or unzip files, Chrome OS makes it a breeze to do without any additional applications.

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How to Zip Files

To get started, open the Files app and navigate your way to the folder with the files you want to zip up.

Open the Files app and navigate to the files you want to zip

Once here, highlight all the files you want to add by holding down Ctrl while clicking each file to be added. Then right-click on the selected files and click “Zip Selected” from the context menu that appears.

Highlight your files, right-click, then select Zip Selection from the context menu

The files are zipped and added to a file named “” in the current directory. The name is “Archive” by default but can be changed to whatever you’d like after it’s created.

Your zipped file appears in the current folder as

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