How to Create or Delete Mailboxes in Mail on Mac

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The Mail app for macOS has the useful feature of user-created mailboxes that function as bins into which you can sort your mail. They are easy to create and work with, and you can make as many as you’d like.

How To Add Mailboxes to the Mail App

Open up the Mail app from the Dock or your Applications folder and hover your mouse over the top of the sidebar. There will be a small button with a + symbol on it, which will let you add a new mailbox.

macOS Mail add new mailbox

This brings up a dialog that asks for two things: the name of the mailbox and where it will be stored. The “On My Mac” option just creates a local mailbox that won’t be visible in your mail account, like Gmail’s dashboard. If you want it to sync with your mail provider, change the location to your email account.

macOS Mail new mailbox

After that, you’ll find a new mailbox in the sidebar, which you can fill with emails by dragging them from the list over to the mailbox.

How to Add Smart Mailboxes

Smart Mailboxes help you stay organized without shuffling your mail around to multiple mailboxes. You make them by defining a rule—i.e., all mail from a certain person—and then the Mail app will automatically fill it up with links to emails matching that rule.

To make one, hover next to “Smart Mailboxes” in the sidebar, then click the + button.

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