The Best Power Banks with Apple Watch Charging

Apple Watch Charger in a purse next to a iPhone and an Apple WatchUGREEN

A power bank that’s designed with your Apple Watch in mind is a very useful thing indeed—especially if you’re powering using its features or traveling—as you can top up on the go. Here’s a look at the best power banks with Apple Watch charging functionality in mind.

Now, we know what you’re thinking—just use a regular power bank and plug in the Apple Watch USB cable, right? Sure, you can do that but these are more convenient options. This can be because they offer a solution that doesn’t involve you carrying extra cables, but also because they offer some kind of extra feature that you don’t necessarily get with a regular power bank. There’s something for every taste here.

Let’s take a look at the best power banks for charging your Apple Watch.

Best Overall: UGREEN Portable Wireless Charger ($54)

UGREEN Portable Wireless ChargerUGREEN

Ideal for charging all your gadgets from Apple Watches to iPhones and other smartphones, the UGREEN Portable Wireless Charger offers a slim and functional profile.

About the same length as the average smartphone, it’s easy to store in your bag for when you need some extra power. There’s a USB socket for plugging in devices along with the important magnetic puck for charging up your Apple Watch. Its 2200mAh capacity means you can simultaneously charge an Apple Watch and iPhone once which will give you time to get to a outlet later in the day.

Best Key Chain Device: Griffin Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch ($50)

Griffin Travel Power Bank for Apple WatchGriffin

A simple key chain device, the Griffin Travel Power Bank for Apple Watch slots onto your keyring ready for when you need some extra power.

The 1050mAh capacity ensures you can get 2.5 full charges for your wearable, before needing to recharge at a power point. The magnetic charging surface is built into the battery so it’s a neat and sleek unit. There’s no need to carry extra cables, and it blends into your equipment well. Griffin has kept things suitably simple here, and it shows—you’ll appreciate having a charger that just works with minimal hassle.

Best Case Charger: Smatree Charging Case for Apple Watch ($29)

Smatree Charging Case for Apple WatchSmatree

You need to supply your own cable but the Smatree Charging Case for Apple Watch is a very neat idea. Simply place your Apple Watch inside the case (hooked up to the magnetic puck, of course) and your wearable will charge up while protected inside the zipped up case.

Such extra safety means you can easily toss it into your bag and leave it to do its thing without worrying about your Apple Watch getting jostled around. Combining storage and charging is a great idea, and it works brilliantly here. A 3000 mAh capacity means you can charge your Apple Watch between 4 and 6 times before you need to find a power source too, so it’s super useful when traveling.

Best High Capacity: MIPOW Portable Apple Watch Charger ($100)

MIPOW Portable Apple Watch ChargerMIPOW

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