How to Record a Video of Your Chrome Browser

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Taking screenshots is simple, but recording a video of Chrome or another application you’re using can be more complicated. Here’s what to do instead of pointing your phone at your monitor.

Windows PC: Use the Game Bar

Windows Game Bar

The Windows Game Bar is intended for recording PC games but will work in any app. Make sure it’s enabled by searching for it in the Windows Settings app and making sure the “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar” toggle is on.

allow game bar to record clips

Now, from within Google Chrome or any other app you want to record, you can open up the Game Bar by pressing Windows+G. Click the red button to start recording that app.

By default, your recordings will be saved in your Videos folder under another folder called “Captures.”

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Mac: Use the Screenshot Tool

macOS Screenshot Tool

This is even easier on a Mac, as macOS has a built-in screenshot tool with options for recording videos. This will work in Chrome or any other web browser, including Safari. In fact, it’ll work in any application on your Mac.

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