Femme birds, butch owls, and lesbian frogs: Meet the queer animals of Instagram


In 2008, a gay penguin couple went viral for the best of reasons: They stole an egg from a straight couple in order to become parents, then replaced the missing egg with a rock. Genius. 

It’s rare to see queerness represented in the animal world — if you can even call it queerness, given that these are, in fact, animals who don’t have human sexualities. Still, that hasn’t stopped the LGBTQ community from anthropomorphizing them wherever they can.

To anthropomorphize is to be human. Who doesn’t want to see a lesbian earth mother frog dispensing self-care advice? Or a high femme owl warding off a heteronormative holiday with her deadly, femme fatale stare? Tell me the last time you saw a masculine-of-center bird represented in media. How many serial monogamist flamingos do you know in your personal life?  Read more…

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