Apple Music is Getting a New Home—Google Home

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A music service is only as good as the places you can use it. And smart speakers live by the music they can provide. With that in mind, Apple and Google are teaming up to bring your music Home.

It wasn’t long ago that Apple Music arrived on Amazon Echo speakers, and music subscription services are best when you can use them on all your devices. But Google Home devices have been without an Apple Music option; you’d have to settle for Spotify, Pandora, or Deezer if you wanted to use something other than Google’s music offerings. But that’s going to change sometime soon.

While Apple and Google haven’t formally announced a collaboration, an eagle-eyed reader at MacRumors spotted that the iOS Google Home app listed Apple Music as an option. Take a look at the Android app, and you’ll see the option there as well.

Apple Music in the Google Home app

If you tap on the Apple Music option, the app prompts you to link your account. But tapping on the Link Account option does nothing yet, so this is a work in progress. Hopefully, Google and Apple turn this on soon. Until then, you’ll have to settle for Apple Music on your Echo or, if you spent extra, your Homepod.

via MacRumors

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