North Carolina Candidate Who Paid For Election Fraud Runs For Office Again With No Criminal Charges


A North Carolina Republican’s campaign was caught using illegal tactics to steal a congressional race. But instead of preparing to face justice for the crimes, Mark Harris is getting ready for another run for Congress.

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North Carolina election officials ordered a new contest on Thursday for the state’s 9th Congressional District after the GOP candidate all but confessed to election fraud when confronted with evidence, the New York Times reported.

Here’s Harris calling for a new election:

After taking the stand for a few hours, Mark Harris admits he didn’t think his son John’s emails would be presented yesterday and his health is an obstacle for continuing. He says, “I believe a new election should be called” due to the testimony presented. (via @Brett_Jensen)

— Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) February 21, 2019

During a weeklong hearing, the five-member board of elections exposed his campaign’s illegal activities in the disputed 2018 congressional race in which Harris was initially declared the winner by just 905 votes.

Harris took the stand on Thursday after the case against his campaign was laid bare for the world to see. He denied knowledge of any wrongdoing but was tripped up during questioning and appeared to mislead the board. Despite his denials, Harris’ guilt seemed obvious when he called for a fresh election.

It appears that he will walk away without facing legal consequences, unlike people like Crystal Mason, a Black woman who convicted and sent to prison in Texas for unknowingly casting an illegal ballot.

In North Carolina, if you have a felony conviction, you can’t vote while in prison, on parole, or on probation

Mark Harris, who knowingly participated in an ILLEGAL absentee ballot theft ring to steal an election now gets to run again

Democracy is broken

— Kristen Clarke (@KristenClarkeJD) February 24, 2019

On Feb. 18, a political operative working for Harris admitted to election officials that she illegally picked up and falsified absentee ballots as part of the scheme to help Harris steal the 2018 midterm election, CNN reported.

Harris was fighting off the Democratic wave in his district to keep a congressional seat that Republicans held for more than half a century. He had a 905-vote lead over Democrat Dan McCready after the ballots were counted. However, the state board of elections declined to certify Harris as the winner because of absentee balloting irregularities.

Election officials and witnesses at the hearing said that the scheme may have involved more than 1,000 absentee ballots or request forms. Republican operatives were accused of forging signatures, completing ballots and mailing them from post offices near the voter’s home.

Lisa Britt, a felon who had illegally cast her own ballot, admitted on the witness stand that she illegally collected between 35 and 40 absentee ballots in violation of state law. A consulting firm working for Harris paid her at least $150 per 50 absentee ballots she collected.

This is Britt testifying:

Lisa Britt is testifying to purposely collecting unsealed ballots and filling in the races that were left blank in favor of Republican candidates at the direction of McCrae Dowless.

(GOP candidate Mark Harris, who only won by 900 votes was responsible for hiring Dowless.) #NC09

— Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) February 18, 2019

For people Mason, an African-American mother of three, there is no mercy. She was sentenced twice, once for violating state law and once for violating federal law.

First, she was sentenced in March 2018 to serve five years in prison for violating Texas’ voter laws. As a former convict at the time, she was ineligible to vote under state regulations. By casting a ballot in the November 2016 election, she was in violation of a law that many ex-convicts are unaware of.

That state voter fraud conviction led to a federal judge giving Mason the second sentence in August to 10 months in prison plus probation for violating the terms of her supervised release from federal prison for tax fraud.

Mark Harris, on the other hand, gets to run again for office.

Crystal Mason was sentenced for voting. This deplorable.

— NewsOne (@newsone) August 30, 2018


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