This intense rivalry between a cat and a rabbit is one for the ages


In every Shakespearean play, only one character rises to the top. Power isn’t shared among an alliance of equals. It’s won, by machination or brute force.

The same goes for every family with more than one pet, especially when one of those pets is a rabbit. Bunnies aren’t here for your democratic socialist power-sharing utopia. They want totalitarian control or absolute isolation.

Just take a look at this video recently posted by Twitter user @TheDreamGhoul, who understands the internecine power struggle between her rabbit and her cat for control of the cat’s bed.

please enjoy 46 seconds of my rabbit claiming the cat’s bed and my cat attempting to muster the courage to confront him about it

— dream ghoul (@TheDreamGhoul) January 26, 2019 Read more…

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