UN says ready to send aid if Caracas govt approves

UN says ready to send aid if Caracas govt approvesUN agencies are ready to send aid to Venezuela as requested by opposition leader Juan Guaido, who more than 40 nations recognise as interim president, but they can only act with authorisation from the Caracas government, a spokesman said on Thursday. Backed by the United States, European and Latin American allies, Guaido is challenging President Nicolas Maduro for the leadership of the oil-wealthy nation to end a crisis that has caused medicine and food shortages and forced more than 2.3 million Venezuelans to flee since 2015. Some UN agencies are on the ground like UNICEF and the Pan American Health Organisation, part of the WHO, operating programmes in development and prevention, which they plan to expand.

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/un-says-ready-send-aid-caracas-govt-approves-151457398.html
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