Stephen Colbert also went ham on Trump’s ‘hamberders’


When the president throws a fast food feast during a government shutdown, you know the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert are going to be all over it.

The Late Show host went to town on Donald Trump’s much-talked about lunch with the Clemson Tigers football team, at which he served piles of burgers, pizza, and fries from McDonald’s, Dominos, and Wendy’s.

“I see what’s happening here,” said Colbert. “The Mueller investigation’s closing in, and the shutdown is tanking Trump’s poll numbers. If this pile of burgers is just a way of distracting us, I wanna say, I’m totally into it.

“But why stop there? I want to see a monster truck tearing ass through the Rose Garden, the Reflecting Pool filled with ranch dressing, or see Trump flip over the Liberty Bell and use it as a giant KFC bucket.” Read more…

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