17 Oils And Spices For The Food Lover In Your Life

It’s hard to buy gifts for people, especially when you don’t know or understand their interests. But there’s a good chance that you’re shopping for a food lover. Why not give the gift of oils and spices?

Just think, the food lover that you’re shopping for probably eats food pretty often. In fact, it’s fair to assume that they’re eating food every single day—shocking, we know. That means that your food lover probably runs through a lot of their most important ingredients: oil and spice.

Oils and spices may not sound like the most exciting gifts, but they’re only boring if you buy something that’s extremely common or outside of your food lover’s interests. For example, if you buy a bunch of curry powder for somebody that only cooks Italian food, then they’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you buy a unique cooking oil with a high smoke point for a baker, then there’s a good chance that they’ll get a lot of use out of the gift.

Pure Cooking Oils

This may sound silly, but a high-quality, pure cooking oil can make a great gift for any cook or food lover. Just think, almost everything that you eat is cooked with an oil or fat. If somebody bought you a premium bottle of olive oil, then you’d probably use it every day, and think about what a thoughtful gift it was every time.

Yes, you can blindly buy somebody a nice bottle of olive oil, they’d probably appreciate it. But maybe you should consider your food lover’s interests before buying them anything.

If they eat a lot of salads or make a lot of Italian food, then they’d probably love some premium olive oil, or even some infused olive oil. But if they bake a lot of their food (pastries, meats, etc), then maybe you should consider buying them a unique cooking oil that has a high smoke point. It could really impress them, and maybe even change the way that they do their cooking.

These are our favorite cooking oils:

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