12 times Fox News goofed in 2018


The year was pretty ridonkulous across the board, but Fox News had itself a doozy of a 2018, with a string of controversies, slip-ups, feuds, and strange happenings. 

The news network has long since tied its fortunes to President Trump. They seem to sink or swim along with the president — with the occasional aside from figures like Shep Smith, the lone voices of reason among a collection of pro-Trump pundits.

From beefs with teen school shooting survivors to fear-mongering about, well, all sorts of things, it was another weird, wacky, controversial year for The House That Roger Ailes Built. Here are 12 moments that stuck out above the rest. Read more…

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Source: https://mashable.com/article/fox-news-mistakes-in-2018/
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