Gifts for your snobby friends that you can actually afford


Perhaps there is a person in your life for whom finding a gift is a little … intimidating. They’re super picky, they’re detail-oriented, and, frankly, they hate a bunch of stuff. 

Congrats! You know a snob.

Fortunately, there are affordable gifts out there that even the snobbiest of snobs will enjoy. Design snobs, coffee snobs, wellness snobs, people with pretensions of all sorts — you can make it happen for them. They might even smile.

A few ideas:

1A semi-fancy candle

Wow, it gleams.

Image: Nordstrom

Voluspa is not the fanciest candle brand, but anyone who’s walked into an Anthropologie, smelled everything, and then left knows it’s a little bit fancy. Read more…

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